UI/UX Designer

  1. Experience (5+ years) in solving complex user problems through user interface design, creating mockups and prototypes (low- and high- fidelity), as well as documenting interaction patterns for product UI.
  2. Experience with design tools (Figma, Sketch, InVision, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.).
  3. Experience with creating user scenarios for usability testing, analysis of industry trends, task analysis, workflow design, layout & composition and reporting conclusions in well-developed documents.
Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Work independently to deliver detailed designs and components to agile development teams and refining them as needed.
  2. Based on actionable insights from the customer, market analysis & available data, translate them into low and high fidelity mockups, patterns, prototypes and development-ready specifications.
  3. Prepare and present rough drafts to internal teams and key stakeholders.
  4. Effectively communicate complex, interactive design concepts to diverse audiences within the organization.
  5. Understand business problems across our customer set in order to have context for deliverables.
  6. Share work in progress, along with giving and receiving critique.
  7. Collaborate with a wide variety of people (Business analyst, developers, product owners, etc.) across our teams.
Skill Set
  1. Understanding of modern design thinking and design trends (including responsiveness and accessibility).
  2. Understanding of different industries to better gauge how design issues and users can differ across them.
  3. Portfolio of previous work must be presented incorporating UI designs and/or sketches that demonstrate an understanding of wireframing, interaction design and design best practices.
  4. Strong communication, storytelling and documentation skills.
  5. Comfortable working in a dynamic, team based environment.
Job Location

Kochi Infopark

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